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        New Clothes… and Live Monkeys? PETA Alerts Feds After Cruel PR Stunt

        In a bizarre publicity stunt, this company sent live monkeys to the homes of beauty influencers. Here’s how PETA responded.

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        Breeder Convicted, Shuts Down Mill After PETA Tips Off Authorities

        Following a PETA-prompted investigation into Joshua Stoltzfus’ breeding mill hellhole, the animal breeder is paying the price.

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        PETA Fires Back at Puppy-Purchasing Celebs With New Campaign

        In the midst of a global pandemic, celebs like Jennifer Lopez and James Charles are fueling another national crisis: companion animal overpopulation.

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        VIDEO: ‘You’re Required to Hang 28 Birds a Minute,’ Tyson Whistleblower Says

        When you’re made to slaughter more than 12,000 birds per shift—knowing that if your kill rate comes up short you’ll be reprimanded—social distancing tends to be “impossible.”

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        EXCLUSIVE: NIH Officials Draw Fat Paychecks As Animal Tests Fail

        A PETA survey found that these government health officials make hundreds of thousands per year—while promoting yesterday’s science.

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        The PETA Shop: Apparel, Accessories, and More!

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        It’s the PETA Victory Everyone’s Talking About, Including Stephen Colbert

        Stephen Colbert seemingly got all kinds of fired up on “The Late Show” while discussing Chaokoh, which forces chained monkeys to pick coconuts.

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        April the Giraffe: The Exploited, Livestreamed Breeding Machine

        April the giraffe has been exploited and livestreamed for years. Now that one of her calves has died prematurely, the tragedy of unchecked breeding at roadside zoos has come into public view.

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        Why PETA Donated Furs to an Animal Sanctuary This Winter

        After NYC-based outerwear brand Harper Coats went fur-free, PETA helped it donate 300 trims to a wildlife sanctuary.

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        PETA Becomes a Shareholder in 4 Racetrack-Owning Companies

        For four racetrack-owning companies, there’s a new shareholder in town: PETA. See how we’re going to help horses at racetracks across the U.S.!

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        Texas A&M Violates Dogs’ Right to Live Freely, PETA’s Right to Speak Up for Them

        “Imagine having your body left to science while you’re still in it.” Texas A&M doesn’t want us imagining it—and the school will violate the U.S. Constitution to try to get its way.

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        Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

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        It Was a Dirty Job, but Someone Had to Save This Kitten

        Life in a storm drain might suit a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle just fine, but an 8-week-old kitten? Not so much.

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        The Red Lantern: A Deathless Dogsledding Video Game? Get Real

        Makers of The Red Lantern call their video game “story-driven.” But by including a “Dogs Always Live” setting, they’re sugarcoating more than 150 real dogs’ tragic stories.

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        Rep. Dina Titus to USDA: End Cruel Tests on Animals to Help Farmers

        Farmers are forced to pay mandatory fees by the USDA that are used to fund deadly tests on animals—and Rep. Dina Titus is joining PETA to say enough is enough.

        Take Action LEFT: ?iStock.com/filo

        Animal Rights, Not Rides! PETA Campaign Saves Horses and Camels at Giza Pyramids

        Your voice makes a difference! Electric cars and buses will replace the egregiously abused horses and camels forced to haul tourists at the Giza pyramids.

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        Nick Nack Should’ve Been Free to Do All This—Instead, He Was Driven Mad in a Lab

        Just look at distressed Nick Nack in Elisabeth Murray’s government laboratory compared to healthy monkeys in their natural habitat.

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        PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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        — Ingrid E. Newkirk, PETA President and co-author of Animalkind