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        Shrill Screams and Grisly Scenes—7 Horror Houses Where Animals Suffer

        When Halloween ends, many of us will take down our scary decor, but animals are terrorized in roadside zoos, slaughterhouses, and laboratories year-round.

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        PETA Rapid Action: Let’s End ALL Experiments on Animals

        Animals are not ours to experiment on! Learn more about modern, animal-free research methods and find ways to take action for animals right now.

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        11 Shocking Animal Testing Statistics That Are Hard to Swallow

        Once you read about the ineffectiveness, cruelty, and wastefulness of animal experiments, you’ll wonder how it’s possible they’re allowed to continue. Welcome to PETA’s world.

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        ‘Harry Potter’ Star Evanna Lynch Urges Johns Hopkins to Shut Down Owl Lab

        “Harry Potter” star Evanna Lynch is urging Johns Hopkins University to shut down its lab, in which experimenters cut into barn owls’ skulls and insert electrodes into their brains.

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        These Celebrities Have All Spoken Out Against Animal Testing

        What do a Beatle, an Oscar winner, an NFL star, and the “Godfather of Punk” have in common? They’ve all joined with PETA to speak out against animal testing!

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        The PETA Shop: Apparel, Accessories, and More!

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        Celebrate ‘ThanksVegan’ This Year—PETA Will Show You How It’s Done

        ? iStock.com/Lilett

        With “ThanksVegan,” PETA is launching a fresh take on the traditional Thanksgiving holiday. Find out how—and why—you should celebrate.

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        ‘Backyard Chicken’ Eggs: A Kinder Option or Straight-Up Speciesist?

        If you really want to give a chicken a “retirement home,” please, adopt—and love them like a companion, not a breakfast service.

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        Celebs Can’t Stop Talking About Anjelica Huston’s Film ‘Breaking the Chain’

        Oscar winners, TV stars, influencers—Hollywood can’t stop talking about “Breaking the Chain,” a documentary everyone needs to see.

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        GIFs: 10 Reasons Monkeys NEED Us Not to Buy Chaokoh Coconut Milk

        These two monkeys left caged in the pouring rain will be all the reason you’ll need to leave coconut products made using forced monkey labor on the shelf.

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        13 Black Vegan YouTubers Who Lead With Ambition

        If you’re questioning whether going vegan is for you, these Black vegan YouTubers are sure to convince you that being plant-based is the most ethical choice.

        Take Action ? Instagram.com/sweetpotatosoul | ? Instagram.com/toningtoni | ? Instagram.com/courtneygrant1

        Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

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        PETA Latino Does All This and More for Animals and the Latinx Community

        From hyping vegan Latin food to getting Quintana Roo to ban bullfighting, cockfighting, AND horse-drawn carriages, PETA Latino and its Latinx supporters score big for animals.

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        Animal Companions

        This Teen Has Dedicated Her Life to Caring for Abandoned Pigs

        At only 14, Olivia understood that all animals deserve respect, and she’s since devoted every day of the past three years to caring for the hundreds she’s rescued at her sanctuary.

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        PETA Calls For Paradigm Shift in Scientific Community to Face COVID-19: End Animal Tests

        PETA is pushing the scientific community to invest in modern, animal-free research methods in the fight against COVID-19. Here’s why tests on animals are plain bad science.

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        Punk Icon Iggy Pop Donates Song to PETA to End Cruel Monkey Experiments

        These monkeys just want to be free. Watch this heart-rending video, set to the music of punk icon Iggy Pop, and learn how you can help animals in labs.

        Take Action LEFT: ? StarMaxInc.com

        Why Is ‘WAGS’ Star Nicole Williams English Passed Out in a Hot Car?

        Model Nicole Williams English shows the world what can happen when dogs are left in a hot car for even just a few minutes—and it’s scarier than you think.

        Take Action Right: Sedat Pakay

        PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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        “Almost all of us grew up eating meat, wearing leather, and going to circuses and zoos. We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved. For whatever reason, you are now asking the question: Why should animals have rights?” READ MORE

        — Ingrid E. Newkirk, PETA President and co-author of Animalkind